Eric Clapton & Jim Gordon


There are countless tabs & transcriptions of both the original and unplugged versions of this song.  Two transcriptions of the original are in the Guitar Legends: 100 Greatest Guitar Solos and Guitar World.


Dm  Bb   C  [3x]  A9  C9  [1st vox note=A]

[opening riff = D5  C5  Bb5  C5  D5  C5  Bb5  C5  D5 in 6ths]


C#m7                           G#7

What will you do when you get lonely?

C#m7        C       D       E7  F#m7

With nobody waiting by your side?

F#m7        B           E               A

You've been running and hiding much too long,

F#m7          B7                E

You know it's just your foolish pride.


CHORUS:  [or can use opening riff]

A  Dm  Bb   C            Dm   Bb [etc.]

Layla,  you got me on my knees.

Layla,  I'm begging darling please.

A  Dm  Bb  C                  Dm              Bb  C  (A9  C9)

Layla---,  darling, won't you ease my worried mind?


Tried to give you consolation,

Your old man won't let you down.

Like a fool, I fell in love with you,

Turned the whole world upside down.




Let's make the best of the situation

Before I finally go insane.

Please, don't say we'll never find a way

And tell me all my love’s in vain


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