Shady Grove

Words & Music:



The transcriber of this left no name on, but did leave these notes:  "The chords in () are optional to "spice up" the melody if the continual Dm gets boring to you play in a 2/4 upbeat rhythm, remember this is a dancin' tune."  There is a full transcription of the Tony Rice-Peter Rowan version from the album "Quarter" is in the June 2007 issue of Acoustic Guitar.


Dm             (C)         Dm     (C)    Dm

Peaches in the summertime, apples in the fall,

C                               Am                 Dm

If I can't get the girl I love, won't have none at all.



Dm           (C)           Dm    (C)      Dm

Shady grove, my true love, Shady grove, I know,

C                              Am                  Dm

Shady grove, my true love, I'm bound for the shady grove.


Once I was a little boy, playin' in the sand,

Now I am a great big boy, I think myself a man,




When I was a little boy, I wanted a whittlin' knife;

Now I am a great big boy and I want a little wife.

[alt:  When I was a little boy, then my mama told me

That if I never kissed a girl, my lips would grow all moldy.]




Wish I had a banjo string, made of golden twine,

And every tune I'd pick on it is "I wish that girl were mine."




Wish I had a needle and thread fine as I could sew.

I'd sew that pretty girl to my side and down the road I'd go.




Some come here to fiddle and dance, some come here to tarry,

Some come here to fiddle and dance, I come here to marry.




Every night when I go home, my wife, I try to please her,

The more I try, the worse she gets, damned if I don't leave her.



Shady grove, my little love; shady grove, my darlin';

Shady grove, my little love, I'm going back to Harlan.


Fly around, my blue-eyed girl, fly around, my daisy,

Fly around, my blue-eyed girl, nearly drive me crazy.




The very next time I go that road and it don't look so dark and grazy.

The very next time I come that road, I'll stop and see my daisy.




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