Nice To Know You

Words & Music:

Brandon Boyd, Michael Einziger, Alex Katunich,

Jose Pasillas II & Chris Kilmore


There is a full transcription of this in the April 2002 issue of Guitar World.



Better than watching Geller bending silver spoons.


Better than witnessing newborn nebulas in bloom.


She who sees from up high smiles and surely sings.


Perspective pries your once weighty eyes and it gives you wings.



Asus2   E/A                          G  G6

I haven't felt the way, I feel today

   F# F#7                      D5   E5

In so long it's hard for me to specify.

Asus2         E/A                              G G6

I'm beginning to notice how much this feels like a waking limb:


Pins and needles, nice to know you - Goodbye.



G5   F#5   D5/A   F#5          D5/A    F#5    A5

                       Nice to know you...goodbye.  [2x]


Deeper than the deepest Cousteau would ever go.

Higher than the heights of what we often think we know.

Impressed that she who clearly sees the wealth of the trees.

To obtain a birds eye is to turn a blizzard to a breeze.





F#5        Dadd2   GM7    Dadd2   GM7 know you


G  D  A5  Asus2  Dsus4  GM7  Cadd9  CM7  D   CM7   C  D  Asus2


D   CM7              Cadd9      CM7                     D  CM7  C D A5

        But could it be that it has been there all along?




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