Still Got The Blues

Words & Music:

Gary Moore


This is fully transcribed in an old copy of Guitar School.


Dm7   F/G   CM7   FM7   Bm7b5   E   Am


Dm7           F/G   CM7             FM7

Used to be so easy to give my heart away.

Bm7b5                        E7             Am      Am/  Am/C     Am

But I've found that the hard way, there's a price you have to pay.

Dm7       F/G      CM7            FM7

I found out that love was no friend of mine.

Bm7b5                    Esus4      E

But, I should have known time after time.



Am Em7           Am      D9                  F9     E7#9      Am

So long, it was so long ago, but I've still got the blues for you.


Used to be so easy to fall in love again.

I've found that the hard way, it's a way that leads to pain.

I've found that love was more than just a game.

To play and to win but to lose just the same.





Bm7     E9               Am7  G/B   Am/C

So many years since I've seen your face.

Bm7           E9               FM7  Em7   Dm7        Am

And now in my heart, there's an empty space you used to be.



Dm7    F/G    CM7    FM7    Bm7b5    E       Am   Bm(add4)   Am/C   Am

Dm7    F/G    CM7    FM7    Bm7b5    Esus4   E




           Am            Em          Am          Dadd2

Though the days come and go, there's one thing I know:

     F7/9          E7#9      Am

I've still got the blues for you.



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