Walk Away

Words & Music:

Joe Walsh (James Gang)


This is fully transcribed in the March/April 2009 issue of Guitar Edge.  The original is in A, but is played on guitars which are tuned a half-step down (Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb).  Use a combo of right- and left- hand string mutes to get that funk sound.


INTRO:  D/A  A    D/A A    D/A A    D/E A    D/A

[also for transition from chorus to verse]


A            D/E  A             D/E  A                       D/E A  D/E

Takin' my time--, choosin' my lines, tryin' to decide what to do.

A                    D/E   A          D/E A                     D/A A A5

Looks like my style, don't wanna get off, got myself hung up on you.

[n.c.]   F#m          D5/A

Seems to me you don't wanna talk about it.

         F#m         D5/A             E           A5  Bm/F#  C/G  Bm/F#

Seems to me you just turn your pretty head & walk away.


Places I've known, things that I'm growin'.

Don't taste the same without you.

I got myself in the worst mess I've been.

And I find myself startin' to doubt you.


CHORUS:  [new words]

Seems to  don't go mad, here come the mornin'.

Seems to me you just forget what was said & greet the day.

Seems to me you don't wanna talk about it.

Seems to me you just turn your pretty head & walk away.


I've got to cool myself down, stompin' around,

Thinkin' some words I can't name ya.

Meet you halfway, I got nothin' to say.

Still I don't s'pose I can blame ya




OUTRO:  on "Walk Away..."



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