Show Me The Way

Words & Music:

Peter Frampton


D                                     DM7

I wonder how you're feeling.  There's ringing in my ears.

    Bm                            Bb6   C

And no one to relate to 'cept the sea.

D                          DM7

Who can I believe in?  I'm kneeling on the floor.

      Bm                           Bbt6

There has to be a force.  Who do I call?

    A7sus4                                G7

The stars are out and shining.  But all I really want to know...



       Bm                 G

I want you to show me the way everyday.

       Bm                 G    A7sus4

I want you to show me the way, yeah.


Well, I can see no reason.  You're living on your nerves.

When someone drops a cup and I submerge.

I'm swimming in a circle.  I feel I'm going down.

There has to be a fool to play my part.

Well, someone thought of healing.  But all I really want to know...




I wonder if I'm dreaming?  I feel so unashamed.

I can't believe this is happening to me.

I watch you when you're sleeping and I want to take your love.


CHORUS:  [repeat and out]


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