King Of California

Words & Music:

Dave Alvin


This is from Dave Alvin's 1994 album of the same name and is transcribed in the May 2007 issue of Acoustic Guitar.


Gsus2(sus4) [4x]   C(G high)  Am7(G high)  [2x]


        C                            C/G  C           G    Am7

Well, I left my home and my one true love east of the Ohio River.

     C                      C/G       C           G        Am7

Your father said we'd never wed for I had neither gold nor silver.



       Em                    F(add9)

But my darling, dear, please shed no tears

      A               G       Am7

For I think that it's fair to warn you

     F(add9)           C  G    Am7         Em      F(add9) C

That I'll return to claim your hand as the King of Cali----fornia.


Over deserts hot and mountains cold, I traveled the Indian country.

Whispering your name under lonesome skies,

Your memory my only company.




I went up from Sacramento town to the Sierra gold fields.

And I worked my stake on a river bank,

Dreaming just how a rich man feels.




Now, a dead man's lying at my feet, tried to steal my earnings.

Yet, I still recall your tender kiss,

Though his bullet in my chest is burning.




     F(add9)        C     G    Am7         Em      F(add9) C

But, I'll return to claim your hand as the King of Cali----fornia.


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