All Right Now

Words & Music:

Andy Fraser & Paul Rodgers (Free)


This is fully transcribed in Guitar World and the September/October issue of Guitar Edge.


Correct Intro & Verse tab:

    A5   D/A  A5   Dadd4/A D/A    A5








         A        D   A        Dsus2            D           A

There she stood in the street, smiling from her head to her feet,

A                 D  A                     Dsus2       D         A

I said, "Hey, what is this?  Now, baby, maybe she's in need of a kiss."

[same chords]

I said, "Hey, what is your name, baby?

Maybe we can see things the same.

Now, don't you wait or hesitate.

Let's move before they raise the parking rate.  Oh!"



A   D7    A                G   D7    A

All right now.  Baby, it's all right now.

A   D7    A                G   D7    A

All right now.  Baby, it's all right now.

A   D         A          G   D7    A

    Let me tell you now...


I took her home to my place; watching ev'ry move on her face.

She said "Look, what's your game, baby?

Are you tryin' to put me in shame?"


I said, "Slow, don't go so fast, don't you think that love can last?"

She said, "Love?! Lord above!  Now, you're tryin' to trick me in love!"





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