Willow Garden

(a.k.a. "Down In The Willow Garden")

Words & Music:

Rose Connelly


     C                Am      C              Am

Down in the willow garden, my love and I did meet.

    C                   Am      C            G      C

And there we sat a-courting, my love dropped off to sleep.

  Am              C        Am       C                  Am

I had a bottle of burgundy wine, my young love did not know.

    C                                 Am        C      G       C

And there I poisoned that dear little girl down on the banks below.


I drew my saber through her, it was a bloody knife.

I threw her in the river, it was a dreadful sight.

My father often told me that money would set me free.

If I did murder that dear little girl whose name was Rose Connelly.


And now he sits in his own cabin door,

A-wiping his tear-brimmed eye.

A-looking at his only son on yonder scaffold high.

My race is run beneath the sun, the devil is waiting for me.

For I did murder that dear little girl whose name was Rose Connelly.


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