Wildwood Flower

Words & Music:

A.P. Carter


G                    D                G     C  G

I will twine with my mingles of raven black hair.

      G             D         G      C  G

With the roses so red and the lilies so fair.

        G              C    G

The myrtle so green of an emerald hue.

        G            D              G    C  G

And the pal and the leader and eyes look so blue.


I will dance I will sing and my life shall be gay.

I will charm every hard in its crown I will sway.

Though my heart is breaking, he shall never know.

How his name makes me tremble, my pale cheeks a glow.


He taught me to love him, and promised to love.

And cherish me over all others above.

My poor heart is wondering, no misery can tell.

He left me no warning, no words of farewell.


He taught me to love me, and called me his flower.

That was blooming to cheer him through life's weary hour.

How I long to see him, and regret that dark hour.

He's gone and neglected his frail wildwood flower.


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