Wednesday Night Waltz

Words & Music:

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Alice Hanks Allen (a.k.a, a SaddleBag) on the Cowboy Lyrics site notes that:  "...BMI lists over a dozen different writers--ASCAP lists two.  Each line has 4 measures/downbeats..."  Jay Buckey has arrangements of this on his site.


G             Gdim  G            Gdim  G           Gdim            G  Fdim

Sweetheart of mine, sweetheart divine, come have a last waltz with me.

Am         D   G           Em           A7              D7

I love you so, want you to know you're mine 'til eternity.

G#dim       Am      D7                    G         Em            D7

We'll dance the whole waltz through while I whisper love words to you.



      G           D7       G    G7     C         F#7   G

Let's dance while they are playing the Wednesday Night Waltz.

               D7      G         A7             D7

Let's join the couples swaying before the music halts.

      G     D7         G        G7  C        F#7         G     G7

Close to my heart I'll press you to prove my love is not false.

     C          F#7  G        E7     A7        D7    G

Sweetheart, let me caress you to the Wednesday Night Waltz.


I knew that you would love me, too, I saw it deep in your eyes.

Now I'm complete, you are so sweet, you're just a wonderful prize.

I love to hold you near and hear you say, " I love you, dear."


CHORUS:  [new words]

I love a tune so mellow the Wednesday Night Waltz.

And when I hear the cello, my very soul exalts.

With music so entrancing, I'll never find any faults.

     C           F#7    G       E7     A7        D7    G

Sweetheart, when we are dancing to the Wednesday Night Waltz.


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