Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

(a.k.a. "I'll Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms")

Words & Music:

Traditional American


I have this down as "traditional" because I cannot find a definitive answer as to who wrote this.  I see lots of people who claimed credit as they recorded it, but that doesn't mean they were the first songwriter.  Any good leads?



I ain't gonna work on the railroad.

  G                       D

I ain't gonna work on the farm.

      G                              C

Gonna lay 'round this shack 'til the mail train comes back

    D                       G

And roll in my sweet baby's arms.



Roll in my sweet baby's arms.

Roll in my sweet baby's arms.

Gonna lay 'round this shack till the mail train comes back

And roll in my sweet baby's arms.


Where were you last Saturday night

While I was lying in jail?

You were out walking the street with another man,

Wouldn't even go my bail.




Mama was a beauty operator.

Sister could weave and spin.

Daddy's got an interest in an old cotton mill

Watch that money roll in.




I know your parents don't like me.

They run me away from your door.

If I had my life to live over again,

I wouldn't go back there no more.




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