Old Slewfoot

Words & Music:

Edwin Manney, Howard Hausey & James Webb



High upon a mountain, tell me, what do you see?

A                        D               A

Bear tracks, bear tracks looking back at me.


Better get your rifle boys, before it's too late.

A                               D              A

The bear's got a little pig and headed for the gate.


     E                               A

He's big around the middle, and he's broad across the rump

        E                            A

Running ninety miles an hour, taking thirty feet a jump


He ain't never been caught, he ain't never been treed

A                         D        A

Some folks say he looks a lot like me.


Saved up my money and I bought me some bees

Started growing honey way up in the trees

Saved up my money but the honey's all gone

Old Slewfoot's gone and made himself a home.




Winter's coming on and it's forty below

River's froze over, so where can he go?

We'll run him up the gully, and we'll chase him in the well

Shoot him in the bottom just to listen to him yell.




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