Old Blue

Words & Music:

Martha Lou Gaches & W. S. Stevenson


This southern song singing the praises of a talented & valuable hound dog is an American classic.  Peter, Paul & Mary's live cover of it ("In Concert") is both an hilarious satire and a scathing indictment of the early rock & roll industry.



I have a dog, and his name is Blue

D                     A       D

I have a dog, and his name is Blue


I have a dog, and his name is Blue

D                           A         D

Betcha five dollars, he's a good dog, too.



          D         Bm             A         D

Singing, "Here, Old Blue, you're a good dog, you!"


Shouldered my axe and I tooted my horn,

Went to find a 'possum in the new-grown corn.

Old Blue treed and I went to see,

Blue had a 'possum up a tall oak tree.

Mmm, boy!  I roasted 'possum all nice & brown.

Sweet potatoes & all around.




Old Blue died and he died so hard,

Made a big dent in my backyard.

Dug his grave with a silver spade,

Lowered him down with a link of chain.

Every link did call his name.




Now, when I get to heaven, first thing I'll do.

When I get to heaven, first thing 'awm do.

When I get to heaven, first thing I'll do,

Pull out my horn & call Old Blue.




I say, "Here, Old Blue, I'm a-coming there, too."


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