North To Alaska

Words & Music:

Mike Phillips


    C                       G7              C  F  C

Big Sam left Seattle in the year of 'ninety-two

C7   F                                    C  F   C

With George Pratt his partner and brother Billy, too.

C7   F                                        C   F  C

They crossed the Yukon river and found the Bo-nan-za gold.

                 F     C                G7          Dm7  G7 C F C

Beneath that old white mountain, just a little southeast of Nome--.



          C          G7 C       F

Where the river is winding, big nuggets they're finding.

C                   G7    Dm7  G7 C

North to Alaska; go north rush is on.


They crossed the Majestic mountains to the valley far below.

As he talked to his team of huskies, as they mushed on through the snow.

With the northern lights a'running wild in the land of the midnight sun.

Yes, Sam McCord was a mighty man in the year of 'ninety-one.




George turned to Sam with his gold in his hand.

Said Sam, "You're looking at a lonely, lonely man.

I'd trade all this gold that's buried in this land

For one small band of gold to place on sweet little Jennie's hand.


For a man needs a woman to love him all the time.

Remember, Sam, a true love is so hard to find.

I'd build for my Jennya honeymoon home,

Beneath that old white mountain just a little southeast of Nome.




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