Mountain Dew

(a.k.a. "Good Old Mountain Dew", "The Real Old Mountain Dew")

Words & Music:

Bascom L. Lunsford, Lulu Belle & Scott Wiseman (1939)



Down the road here from me there's an old hollow tree

          C                    G

Where you lay down a dollar or two.


If you hush up your mug they will fill up your jug

          D7      (C)       G

With that good old mountain dew.



G                                           C                       G

They call it that good old mountain dew and them that refuse it are few.

G                                                              D7      (C)       G

You may go round the bend, but you'll come back again for that good old mountain dew.


Way up on the hill there's an old whiskey still that is run by a hard working crew.

You can tell if you sniff and you get a good whiff

That they're making that old mountain dew.




The preacher came by with a tear in his eye; he said that his wife had the flu.

We told him he ought to give her a quart of that good old mountain dew.




Well, my brother Mort is sawed off and short; he measures just four foot two.

But he thinks he's a giant when they give him a pint of that good old mountain dew!




My uncle Bill has a still on the hill where he runs off a gallon or two.

The birds in the sky get so high they can't fly on that good old mountain dew.




My aunt Jane has a brand new perfume; it has such a sweet smelling p.u.

Imagine her surprise when she had it analyzed; it was good old mountain dew!




Mister Roosevelt told me just how he felt the day that the dry law went through;

"If your likkerŐs too red, itŐll swell up your head

Better stick to that mountain dew!"




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