Little Maggie

Words & Music:

Traditional American


A "Strum It!" arrangement of this is in the September 2009 issue of Acoustic Guitar as part of the "Song Train" article on two-chord songs.  That version has better chords so I have changed the key from G to A and redone the chords.  The A(add9) chord is 0 0 2 2 0 0, which removes the 3rd from the chord and so muddles "major" and "minor".  Per tradition, you will also hear verses in various orders or left out completely in this song's  many covers.


A(add9)                   G             A(add9)    G      A(add9)

Over yonder stands Little Maggie with a dram glass in her hand.

      A(add9)           G            A(add9)   G     A(add9)  [etc.]

She's drinking away her troubles and foolin' another man.


Sometimes I have a nickel, sometimes I have a dime.

Sometimes I have ten dollars, for to pay Little Maggie's fine.


Lay down your last gold dollar, lay down your gold watch and chain.

Little Maggie's gonna dance for Daddy, listen to this old Banjo ring.


Pretty flowers were made for blooming, pretty stars were made to shine.

Pretty women were made for loving, Little Maggie was made for mine.


Oh, how can I ever stand it, just to see them two blue eyes

A-shining in the moonlight like two diamonds in the skies?


Last time I saw Little Maggie, she was setting on the banks of the sea

With a forty-four beside her and a banjo on her knee.


I'm going down to the station with my suitcase in my hand.

I'm going away for to leave you, I'm going to some far distant land.


Well, go away, go 'way Little Maggie; go and do the best you can.

I'll get me another woman, you can get you another man.



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