Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Words & Music:

Joel Newman & Paul Campbell


     C       G             Am         G

When I was a young man and never been kissed,

         Em                Am

I got to thinkin' it over, what I had missed.

  C        G        Am             G

I got me a girl and kissed her and then,

          Em         Am

And then, oh Lord, I kissed her again.



C   Em  Am

She had kisses sweeter than wine.

        C   Em  Am

She had oh, oh, kisses sweeter than wine.


He asked me to marry and be his sweet wife,

And we would be happy all of our lives.

He begged and he pleaded like a natural man,

And then, oh Lord, I gave him my hand.




I worked mighty hard and so did my wife,

Workin' hand in hand to make a good life.

Corn in the field and wheat in the bins,

I was, oh Lord, the father of twins.




Our children numbered just about four,

And they all had their sweethearts knockin' at the door.

They all got married and didn't hesitate,

I was, oh Lord, the grandfather of eight.




Now we are old and ready to go,

I get to thinkin' what happened a long time ago.

Had lots of kids and trouble and pain,

But then, oh Lord, I'd do it again.




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