Handsome Molly

Words & Music:



This was part of Harvey Reid's two-chord "Song Train" in the September 2009 issue of Acoustic Guitar.


D                                                  A

Well, I wish I was in London or some other seaport town;

A                                  D

I'd set my foot in a steamboat and sail the ocean 'round.



D                                                        A

While sailing 'round the ocean, while sailing 'round the sea,

A                               D

I'd think of handsome Molly wherever she might be.


Her hair's black as a raven, her eyes as black as coal.

Her cheeks, they shone like lilies out in the morning glow.


I rode to church last Sunday, she passed me on by.

I saw her mind was changing by the roving of her eye.




Don't you remember, Molly, you gave me your right hand?

Said if you ever married that I would be the man.


But, you broke your promise, go home with whom you please.

My poor heart is aching and you are at your ease.




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