Greenback Dollar

(Clarence Ashley version)

Words & Music:


(arr: Clarence Ashley (1933))


Many Thanks to the "Grateful Dead Lyric & Song Finder" page and its great discussion of this song for clearing up the discrepancies I kept finding  between versions.  There were two that I know of, with this preceeding the more famous Hoyt Axton-Ken Ramsey version.  This version has is arranged by Scott Nygaard in the April 2006 issue of Acoustic Guitar.


       G                             C                    G

Once I loved a darling seaman and he thought the world of me.

[alt:  Some folks say you love another and you care no more for me.]

      C                G             D                 G

'Til another girl persuaded; now, he cares no more for me.




I don't want your greenback dollar.

        C                   G

I don't want your watch and chain.

      C               G

All I want is you, my darling.

          D             G

Won't you take me back again?


Papa says we cannot marry, mama says you'll never do.

If you ever learn to love me, I will run away with you.




Many an hour we spent together  [alt: Many an hour with you I rambled]

Down beside the deep blue sea

If in your heart to love another, in my grave I'd rather be


CHORUS:  [new words]

I don't want your greenback dollar, I don't want your watch and chain.

All I want is my 32/20, just to shoot out your dirty brain.


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