Goodbye, Old Paint

Words & Music:

Traditional American (Jess Morris?)



D   G                     D       D7   G

Goodbye, old Paint, I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne;

Goodbye, old Paint, I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne.


      G       C   G         C      D  C  G

I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne, I'm off to Montan'.

D   G                     D       D7   G

Goodbye, old Paint, I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne;


Old Paint's a good pony, he paces when he can,

Goodbye, old Paint, I'm a-leavin' Cheyenne;




Go hitch up your hosses and give them some hay

And seat yourself by me as long as you'll stay.


We spread down the blanket on the green, grassy ground.

While the horses and cattle were a-grazin' around.




My hosses ain't hungry, they won't eat your hay

My wagon is loaded and rolling away.


My foot's in the stirrup, the reins in my hand,

Good mornin', young lady, my hosses won't stand.

[alt: "My foot's in the stirrup, my bridle's in hand.

Goodbye, little Annie, my horses won't stand."]




The last time I saw her was late in the fall.

She was a ridin' Old Paint and a-leadin' Old Ball.




Oh, when I die, take my saddle down from the wall;

Put it on my pony, lead him from the stall.


Tie my bones to his back, turn our faces to the west,

And we'll ride the prairie that we love the best.




The provenance of the attached easy arrangement of this is unknown.  It is part of a collection that people gave me over the years.  Please inform me if you know it.

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