The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band

Words & Music:

Bill Monroe


    C           G         C

One night while out for a ramble

    F                   C

The hour was just about nine

  F                     C

I met a young maiden in 'Frisco

                 G          C

On the corner of Geary and Pine


On her face there was beauty of nature

And in it, her eyes seem to expand

Her hair was so rich and so brilliant

Entwined in a blue velvet band.


We strolled down the long street together

In my pocket she placed her small hand

Planted the evidence on me

That girl in the blue velvet band


Then I heard the wild scream of the sirens

And the girl in the blue velvet band

She left me to face all the troubles

With a diamond that was worth ten grand


They sent me to San Quentin for stealin'

God knows I'm an innocent man

For the guilty one now she lies dyin'

That girl in the blue velvet band.


Last night while bedtime was ringin'

I was standin' close to the bars

I fancied I could hear her voice callin'

From far out on the ocean of stars


I'll be out in a year then I'm leavin'

But I'll carry that name of a man

Who spent ten years in prison

For the girl in the blue velvet band


And when I get out I'll endeavor

To live in some other land.

And I'll bid farewell to old Frisco

And the girl in the blue velvet band.

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