(original song)

Words & Music:

Barker Bradford (1885)


       A                                  E7           A

In the center of a golden valley, dwelt a maiden all divine,

         E7                  A                E7             A

A pretty creature, a miner's daughter and her name was Clementine.



Oh my darling, oh my darling, my darling Clementine,

You are lost for me forever, dreadful sorry, Clementine.


Her noble father was the foreman of ev'ry valued mine,

And ev'ry miner and ranchman was a brother to Clementine.




The foreman miner, an old forty niner, in dreams and thoughts sublime,

Lived in comfort with his daughter, his pretty child Clementine.




When far away, he would often pray that in his sunny clime

No harm might overtake her, his favorite nugget, Clementine.




When the day was done and the setting sun, its rays they ceased to shine,

Homeward came the brawny miner to caress his Clementine.




None was nearer, none was dearer, since the days of forty-nine

When, in youth, he had another, who was then his Clementine.




She led her ducks down to the river, the weather it was fine,

Stubbed her toe against a sliver, fell into the raging brine.




He heard her calling: father, her voice was like a chime,

But alas he was no swimmer, so, he lost his Clementine.




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