Catfish John

Words & Music:

Bob McDill & Allen Reynolds



G                  C

Mama said don't go near that river,

G                                  D

Don't be hangin' round old Catfish John.

G                    C

Come the mornin' I'd always be there,

G                               D           G

Walkin' in his footsteps in the sweet Delta dawn.


        C               G

Take me back to another home.

     C            G

To a time so long ago,

         C               G

When the sweet magnolias blossomed.

       G           D        G

Cotton fields were white as snow.


Catfish John was a river hobo

Livin' back by the river's bend.

Lookin' back I still remember

I was proud to be his friend.




Born a slave in the town of Richmond,

Traded for a chestnut mare.

Though he never spoke in anger.

Oh, his soul was hard to bear.


CHORUS:  [2x]



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