Camptown Races

Words & Music:

Stephen Foster


G                                 C         D7

Camptown ladies sing this song,  "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

G                                     C   D7      G

Camptown racetrack five miles long.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"

I come down there with my hat caved in.  "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

I go back home with a pocketful of tin.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"



G                        C                G

Goin' to run all night!  Goin' to run all day!


I'll bet my money on the bob-tailed nag,

C        D          G

Somebody bet on the bay!


The long-tailed filly and the big, black hoss.  "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

They fly the track and they both cut across.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"

The blind horse stuck in a big mud hole.  "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

I can't touch bottom with a ten-foot pole.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"




Old muley cow come onto the track.  "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

The bobtail fling her out over his back.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"

They fly along like a railroad car, "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

Runnin' a race with a shooting star.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"




See them flying on a ten-mile heat.  "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

'Round the racetrack, then repeat.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"

I win my money on the bobtailed nag.  "Doo-dah!  Doo-dah!"

I keep my money in an old towbag.  "Oh, doo-dah-day!"




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