Bringing Mary Home

Words & Music:

John Duffy


This would appear to be a song about Chicago's famous ghost, "Resurrection Mary".


C  A  D  G


      D                               C               G

I was driving down a lonely road on a dark and stormy night,

       D                                  G [C?]       D

When a little girl by the roadside showed up in my headlights,

  G                                              D

I stopped and she got in the back and in a shaky tone,

    C                 A              D                 G

She said, "My name is Mary.  Please, won't you take me home?"


She must have been so frightened all alone there in the night,

There was someting strange about her, 'cause her face was deathly white,

She sat so pale and quiet in the back seat all alone,

I never will forget the night I took Mary home.


C  A  D  G


I pulled into the driveway where she told me to go,

Got out to help her from the car and opened up the door,

But I just could not believe my eyes, the back seat was bare,

I looked all around the car, but Mary wasn't there.


A light shone from the porch, a lady opened up the door,

I asked about the little girl that I was looking for,

The lady gently smiled and brushed a tear away,

She said, "It sure was nice of you, to go out of your way."


"But thirteen years ago tonight in a wreck just down the road,

Our darling Mary lost her life and we miss her so,

Oh thank you for your trouble and the kindness you have shown

You're the thirteenth one that's been here, bringing Mary home."


C  A  D  G


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