Banks Of The Ohio

Words & Music:

Traditional American


           G              D

I asked my love to take a walk,

        D7            G

Just to walk a little way.


As we walked along we talked

    G     D           G

All about our wedding day.



And only say that you'll be mine

And our home will happy be.

Down beside where the waters flow.

Down on the banks of the Ohio.


I took her by her lily-white hand,

Led her down where the waters stand.

There I pushed her in to drown,

And watched as she floated down.




I started home 'tween twelve and one.

I cried, "My God, what have I done?"

I murdered the only woman I loved

Because she would not marry me.




The very next morning about half-past four,

The sheriff came knocking on my door.

He said, "Young man, come with me and go

Down to the banks of the Ohio."




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