Anne Boleyn



Em                                B7                                         Em

Within the Tower of London lodges life.  The ghost of Anne Boleyn walks they declare.

Em                                     B7                                      Em

Now, Anne Boleyn was once King Henry's wife.  Until he bid the headsman do her in.

     Am                             Em        C                                 B7

Now, Henry did her wrong long years ago.  And she comes up at night to tell him so.



         Em   B7     Em             B7     Em         Am      Em

With her head tucked underneath her arm she walks the bloody Tower.

         Am          Em                        C        B7

With her head tucked underneath her arm at the midnight hour.


She comes to haunt King Henry, she means giving him what for.

Gadzooks!  She's going to tell him off, she's feeling very sore.

Then just in case the headsman wants to give her an encore,

She has her head tucked underneath her arm.





Em                      B7              Em               B7

The sentries think that it's a football that she carries in.

    Em                 B7                  Em            B7

And when they've had a few they shout, "Is Army going to win?"

         Am                                    Em                C

Oh, they think that it's Red Grange instead of poor old Anne Boleyn

         Em          B7             Em

With her head tucked underneath her arm.


Now, sometimes gay King Henry gives a spread

For all his pals and gals -- a ghostly crew.

The headsman carves the joint and cuts the bread,

Then in comes Anne Boleyn to queer the do.

She holds her head up with a wild war whoop [scream]

And Henry cries, "Don't drop it in the soup!"




One night she caught King Henry, he was in the canteen bar.

Said he, "Are you Jane Seymour, Anne Boleyn or Catherine Parr?

For by the Saints there, merry Anne, do I know who you are

With your head talked underneath your arm!"



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