Bang Bang Lulu

Words & Music:

Traditional Drinking Song


What do people do with children's songs when they grow up and tie one on with like-minded pals?  They morph them into drinking songs.  The basic tune is the same as "Miss Lucy".  Since this is a traditional song, there are as many verses as there are drunken voices to sing them.  My favorite versions are the ones that allude to the "naughty words", but never have to actually say them.  That's the one I learned at camp and I like the clever wordplay.  Here is the chorus and a slew of verses.  Have fun with them or make up your own. 



D                             A7

Bang, bang, Lulu; Lulu, bang, bang.

[alt: "Bang, bang, Lulu; Lulu's gone away"]

D                     G              D      A7    D

Who's gonna bang bang Lulu, now that Lulu's gone away?

[alt:  Who's gonna bang bang, now  Lulu's gone away?}


D                                        A7

Lulu had a boyfriend who drove a garbage truck.

D               G               D      A7

Never collected garbage, 'cause all he did was...




She had another boyfriend, his name was Tommy Tucker.

He took her to the garden, to see if he could...




Lulu had a baby, named him Jungle Jim.

Put him in the basin, to see if he could swim.

He swam down to the bottom, came back to the top.

Lulu got excited, pulled him out by his...




Cocktail, ginger ale, five cents a glass.

If you don't like it, you can throw it up your...

Ask me no more questions, I'll tell you no more lies.

Ask me that again, and I'll spit right into your...




Ikey and Spikey, laying in the ditch

Ikey called Spikey, a dirty son of a...




Bring down the children, let them play with rocks.

When they get a little older, they'll learn to play with...




Dick had a cousin, made my pressure rise.

All she ever want to do was zoom between her...




High upon the mountain, sitting on the grass

Her skirt was so short, it showed you all her...




Lulu had a rooster, Lulu had a duck

She put them in the back yard, to see if they would...



Now, Lulu has two boyfriends, they both are very rich.

One, the son of a banker, the other a son of a...




Now, Lulu had a baby, it came as quite a shock.

She couldn't name it "Lulu", because it had a...




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