O, How Lovely Is The Evening

(originally:  "O ,Wie Wohl Ist Mir Am Abend")

Words & Music:

Traditional German Round and dance


O how lovely is the evening,

*Is the evening,

When the bells are sweetly ringing,

Sweetly ringing,

Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!


O wie wohl ist mir am Abend,

*Mir am Abend

Wenn zur Ruh die Glocken lŠuten,

Glocken lŠuten:

Bim, bam, bim, bam, bim, bam!


*subsequent parts enter here



1st phrase action: circle Left with 18 small walking steps, smooth and unaccented.

2nd phrase action: circle Right with 18 steps as before.

3rd phrase action: facing center, swing joined hands in (ding/Bim) and out (dong/bam)

while stepping into the center on Right foor (ding/bim) and back out on Left foot (dong/bam).


For the canonic dance you need three concentric circles of dancers, the inner circle begins the song and action. Then the 1st circle sings the 2nd phrase, the middle circle begins the song & action, etc.

To conclude, have the inner circle continue with the arm swinging 3rd phrase until all

have joined in singing this phrase a few times.


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