Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue

(Has Anybody Seen My Gal?)

Words & Music:

Sam Lewis, Joe Young & Ray Henderson


Does anyone have the chords to this song's verses?  I heard them on an old Gene Austin 78 rpm recording of this, but cannot find its chords.  The chorus is this song's "Oh, yeah!" (albeit a long one!) and the part that everyone knows.


I just saw a maniac, maniac, maniac

Wild and tearing his hair.

Jumping like a jumping jack, jumping jack, jumping jack.

Child, you shoulda been there.

He laughed so loud I thought that I would cave in

When I heard that silly, daffy-dilly ravin':



D              F#7           B7

Five foot two, eyes of blue. Oh, what those five foot can do!

E7      A7      D

Has anybody seen my gal?

Turned up nose, turned down hose, never had no other beaus.

Has anybody seen my gal?

            F#7                      B7

Now, if you run into a five foot two covered with fur.

E7                                   A7

Diamond rings and all those things.  Bet your life it isn't her!

But, could she love?  Could she woo?

Could she, could she, could she coo?

Has anybody seen my gal?


Love made him a lunatic, lunatic, lunatic.

"Gee!" he hollered and cried.

Like a monkey on a stick, on a stick, on a stick.

He was fit to be tied

When we asked him for his wife's description,

He just answered all of us with this conniption:




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