The Keeper

(a.k.a. "The Hunter")

Words & Music:

Traditional English


Bright blessing on Ronald Osaki for tracking down the chords to this in a long-ago songbook ("Sing Together:  A Girl Scout Songbook", 3rd edition, 1973).  He also noted that The Kingston Trio sang this on their 1960 live album "Sold Out", under the title "The Hunter".  He gets a Song Hound gold star!


    D              G       D                         G       D

The keeper would a-hunting go & under his cloak he'd carry a bow

D                      D                 G        D         A7    D

All for the shoot of a merry little doe among the leaves so green-o.




GROUP 1: Jackie, boy?               GROUP 2: Master.

GROUP 1: Sing you well?             GROUP 2: Very well.


D                      A7

Hey, down!  Ho, down!  Derry, derry, down

 D                  A7    D

Among the leaves so green-o!


The first does she did cross the brook.

The keeper brought her back with his hook.

Where she is now you may go and look among the leaves so green-o.




The second doe she did cross the plain.

The keeper brought her back again.

Where she is now she may remain among the leaves so green-o.






GROUP 1: To me hey, down, down!        GROUP 2: To my ho, down, down!


GROUP 1: Hey, down!                    GROUP 2: Ho, down!


D             A7      D                  A7

Derry, derry, down!  Among the leaves so green-o.


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