I've Got Sixpence

Words & Music:

Alec Mac Master


Correspondent D. Wilson has sent along the following information on this song's writer.  I couldn't possibly do it justice by paraphrasing, so here is the background:  "...Written by a great old Milestone Inspector called Alec Mac Master- He sold the song for a pint in the Woodside Arms (Oban) - He was also 'nicked' for throwing a penny at Sir Harry Lauder (Obviously thought his talent over-rated) Lived in a Cave down Gallanach but was a great human being - Just thought it was worth a mention..."  Songhound Gary McGlauchlin corrected the chorus.


D                               A7

I've got sixpence, jolly, jolly sixpence!

D        G           D       A7     D

I've got sixpence to last me all my life.

         D                     G

I've got sixpence to spend and sixpence to lend

    A7                          D     A7   D

And sixpence to send home to my wife, poor wife.



   A7              D              A7                        D

No cares have I to grieve me.  No pretty little girls to deceive me.

    G                  D            A7                     D

I'm happy as a lark (King), believe me, as we go rolling, rolling home.


Rolling Home (rolling home) Rolling Home (rolling home)

By the light of the sil - ver- ry moo-oo-oo-oon!

Happy is the day, when a soldier gets his pay, and he goes rolling, rolling home.


I've got fourpence, jolly, jolly fourpence!

I've got fourpence to last me all my life.

I've got fourpence to spend and fourpence to lend

And fourpence to send home to my wife, poor wife.




I've got tuppence, jolly, jolly tuppence!

I've got tuppence to last me all my life.

I've got tuppence to spend and tuppence to lend

And tuppence to send home to my wife, poor wife.




I've got nopence, jolly, jolly nopence,

I've got nopence to last me all my life,

I've got nopence to spend and nopene to lend,

And nopence to send home to my wife, poor wife.





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