Everybody Loves Saturday Night

Words & Music:

Traditional African


I don't recall where I got the following explanation of this song:  "The government of Nigeria put a curfew on its people a number of years ago. When people protested, the government agreed to lift the curfew for Saturday nights only. People went out into the streets and spontaneously created this song as part of the celebrations. The song has been translated into many languages and sung throughout the world."


C         G7             C    G7     C         G7             C   G7

Everybody loves Saturday night-----. Everybody loves Saturday night.

C          Dm         Em         F          C         G7             C

Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody loves Saturday night



Bobo waro fero Satodeh, Bobo waro fero satodeh,

Bobowaro, bobowaro, bobowaro, bobowaro, bobowaro fero Satodeh.



Tout le monde aime Samedi soir


 [Africa -Sierra Leone]

Mo-fe mo-ni s'mo ho_gbe-ke



Piace a tutti sabato sera



Kazhdi ma rad sabotu vietcher.



Re'nren dou syi hwan libai lyou wan shang  [or: Ren ren si huan li pai lu]



Vse lubyat subo'tu  ve'cherom  [or: Fsiem nravitsa subbota vietcher]



Nos gu'sta a to'dos la no'che de sa'bado  [or: A todos le gusta la noche del Sabado]



P'antes agapou'si tin ni'kta tou Sa'bbata



Yeder freut sich auf Samstag Abend



Yeider aine hat liebe Shabbas ba nacht



Minden ember szeret Szombat est_t


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