(Van Morrison/Paddy Maloney version)

Words & Music:

Traditional Irish

Arr: Van Morrison & Paddy Moloney


Note the similarity between this song's chorus and that of "Waly, Waly" or "The Water Is Wide".


  Am       Dm         G7     Am               Dm        G7   C

I wished I had you in Carrickfergus, only for nights in Ballygrand.

Am         Dm       G7      Am                   Dm          Am      C

I would swim over the deepest ocean, the deepest ocean to be by your side.




        G7     C          Dm         G7             C   Am   Dm       G7

But the sea is wide and I can't swim over & neither ha--ve I wings to fly.

Am           Dm        G7    Am                    Dm   G7             C

I wish I could find me a handy boatman to ferry me over to my love and die.



My childhood days bring back sad reflections of happy days so long ago.

My boyhood friends & my own relations have all passed on like the melting snow.





C        G7       C    Am Dm      G7

So, I'll spend my days in endless roving,

            C     Am     Dm     G7

Soft is the grass and my bed is free.

          Dm       G7        Am

Oh, to be home now in Carrickfergus,

                 Dm          G7    C

On the long road down to the salty sea.


And in Kilkenny, it is reported, on marble stone there as black as ink,

With gold and silver I did support her.

But I'll sing no more now 'til I get a drink.




I'm drunk today and I'm rarely sober; a handsome rover from town to town.

Oh, but I am sick now and my days are numbered.

Come, all ye young men, and lay me down.


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