Both Sides The Tweed

Words & Music:

Traditional & Dick Gaughan


Man, this ballad is gorgeous!  And Dick Gaughan makes us all look like songwriting pikers.


           Dm               F           Bb

What's the Spring breathing jasmine and rose?

           F           Dm          C   Am

What's the summer with all its gay train?

           Dm           F         Bb

What's the splendour of Autumn to those

       F              Am          Dm

Who've bartered their freedom for gain?



        Bb                        Am   C

Let the love of our land's sacred rights

       Dm          F          Am  C

To the love of our people succeed.

    Dm             F        Bb

Let friendship and honour unite

    Dm          C              G

And flourish on both sides the Tweed.


No sweetness the senses can cheer

Which corruption and bribery bind.

No brightness the sun can e'er clear

For honour's the sum of the mind.




Let virtue distinguish the brave;

Place riches in lowest degree.

Think them poorest who can be a slave;

Them richest who dare to be free.




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