No One Is An Island

Words & Music:

Alex Kramer & Joan Whitney (1940s)

(based on the John Donne poem)


There are two versions of this because the top version is what I came up with when I was trying to reconstruct this song from memory.  I later found my notes from the '70s  and that is version two of the chords.  Yes, the words in version one are changed to include those of us who went to girls' camps.  The other has the traditional words.  Pick your fave & enjoy!  This tune was a popular reggae tune in the 1960s & 1970s & covered by many early reggae artists.


G      D     G        C      D       G

No one is an island.  No one stands alone.

C          D      G       Am  A7                     D7

Each one's joy is joy for me, each one's place is my own.

G       D    G       C     D      G

We need one another; so, I will defend

Am       D7    G  Am    G        D7    G

Each one as my kindred, each one as my friend.



No Man Is An Island


G      D7    G       C              G

No man is an island. No man stands alone.

C          D7             Em  A                      D7

Each man's joy is joy for me, each man's grief is my own.

G       D7   G       C            G

We need one another; so, I will defend

C        D7    Em  Am   G        D7    G

Each man as my brother, each man as my friend.


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