Freight Train

Words & Music:

Elisabeth “Libba” Cotton


A great note on the composer of this popular tune was sent along to me by Larry S.:  "...The song Freight Train was written by Elisabeth "Libba" Cotton.  Her brother told her to leave his guitar alone so she would play it while he was away from home. He was right handed and she was left-handed so she learned chords and finger-picking without restringing the guitar. I met her and talked to her for a good half-hour back in the '80s..."


C                            G7

Freight train, freight train goin' so fast.

G7                           C

Freight train, freight train goin' so fast.

Am                     F

Please don't tell what train I'm on,

         C          G7         C

So, they don't know where I've gone.


Freight train, freight train comin' 'round the bend.

Freight train, freight train gone again.

One of these days I'll turn that train around

And go back to my hometown.


One more place I'd like to be,

One more place I'd like to see

Watch those Blue Ridge Mountains climb

When I ride Old Number Nine.


When I die please bury me deep;

Down at the heart of Chestnut Street

So I can hear Old Number Nine

As she goes rolling by...


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