V-12 Cadillac

Words & Music:

Denny Aaberg & Ernest Knapp

(sung by Jewel on "Music For Our Mother Ocean II")


This is a slow blues in 6/8.  I've arbitrarily given the chords in E, but any key is okay..  Bass is the usual I-I- biii-I blues line:  [i.e.  on low E  |--0--5---3--0--|]  Careful, although the instrumental sections are in the typical 12-bar blues, the verses often omit the V chord.


E[I chord]

He's lonely and he cruises real low.


That's my V-12 Cadillac, you know he's on the go.


On down to the ocean, surfboard by my side

E [walk bass up to A chord]

He's my V-12 Cadillac with deluxe power glide.



A[IV chord]                               E

I check the ocean, yeah, from atop of the hill.


We're going surfing in my Coupe de Ville.


I pull out on the freeway, I put my Caddy in low.

Then this real cute guy passed me, but my horn just wouldn't blow.

So, I pulled up beside him, looked over real cool.

Then he rolled down his window and he said:


"Hey baby, your Caddy's a Jewel."





E [4 bars]  |  A [2 bars]  E [2 bars]  |   B [1 bar]  A [1 bar]  E [2 bars]







spoken over: E [1 bar]  |  A [1 bar] |  E [2 bars] | A [2 bars] | E [2 bars]

"Come on, baby."  "Hey nice board, you surf?"

"Gimme a four foot wall and a good shoulder."

"Are you any good?"  "Oh honey, you don't know how good."


B                      A                        E [turnaround & out]

We're going surfing in my Coupe de Ville.  Come on!


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