Up From The Skies

Words & Music:

Jimi Hendrix


You gotta love a tune that has been recorded by Jimi Hendrix and Rickie Lee Jones on her jazz standards album "Pop Pop".  To play like Hendrix, tune the guitar down a half-step & get out the wah pedal.  To emulate Rickie Lee Jones, turn up the clean jazz tones & the Texas Swing on-beat strumming.


B9             F#7          B9            F#7

I just want to talk to you.  I won't, uh, do you no harm.

I just want to know about your different lives,

B9           F#7

On this here people farm.

B9  C9                         F#7

I-- heard some of you got your families,

B9        C9          F#7

Living in cages tall & cold.

And some just stay there and dust away past the age of old.



B9      C9  F#7 B9      C9            F#7

Is this true?   Please let me talk to you.


  C#9        D9    G#7      C#9     D9        G#7

I just wanna know about the rooms behind your minds.

Do I see a vacuum there, or am I going blind?

Or is it just remains from vibrations and echoes long ago?

Things like "Love the World" and "Let your fancy flow".




C5     C#5                   C5       B5

I have lived here before, the days of ice.

And of course this is why I'm so concerned.

And I come back to find the stars misplaced.

And the smell of a world that has burned.




C5  C#5                       C5     B5

The smell of a world that has burned.

Well, maybe it's just a change of climate.


C#7                         E7#9

I can dig it, I can dig it, baby, I just want to see.

B9             F#7

So, where do I purchase my ticket?

I would just like to have a ringside seat.

I want to know about the new Mother Earth.

I want to hear and see everything.

I want to hear and see everything.

I want to hear and see everything.

Aw, shucks, if my daddy could see me now.



INSTRUMENTAL SOLO:  [tabbed by Damski]












D----------0-----4 s 6--------------------------------------------


















Chord positions


      B9    C9    C#9   C#7   D9    E7#9  F#7   G#7   B5    C5    C#5


E     2     3     4     X     5     X     2     4     x     x     x 

B     2     3     4     5     5     8     2     4     X     X     X 

G     2     3     4     4     5     7     3     5     X     X     X 

D     1     2     3     3     4     6     2     4     4     5     6 

A     2     3     4     4     5     7     4     6     2     3     4 

E     x     x     x     X     x     x     2     4     x     x     x 


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