Three O'Clock Blues

Words & Music:

B. B. King & Jules Bihari


B. B.'s own version (the one from the "Ultimate Recordings" album) is fully transcribed in the June 2006 issue of Guitar One.  It differs from the tabs you see out there, so I have not included them here.  Here are the basic words & chords.  Pick & choose!


INTRO:  [solo over:]

Bb   F7 | Eb   | Bb7  Eb7 | Bb7  F7 |


(F7)             Bb7                        Eb                        Bb7

Now, here it is, three o'clock in the morning & I can't even close my eyes, oh, yes.

Eb7                                                                    Bb7

It's three o'clock in the morning, baby, oh, and I can't even close my eyes.

F7                                   Eb7                       Bb7  Eb7  Bb7  F7

Well, you know I can't find my baby, Lord, and I can't be satisfied.


I've looked around me, people.  Hey, and my baby, she knows she can't be found.

Looked all around me, people, oh, my baby, she can't be found.

Well, you know if I don't find my baby, I'm going down to the bowling ground.


That's where the mens hang out, they shoot pool, you know.

Well, I'm bound to find her there.


Goodbye, everybody, oh, I do believe this is the end.

Oh, oh, goodbye everybody, oh, I do believe that this is the end.

Oh, I want you to tell my baby, oh, to forgive me for my sins.


It's my own fault, baby, treat me the way you wanna do,

Oh, yes, my own fault, baby, treat me the way you wanna do.

Because when you would love me, baby, Oh, that wouldn't be true.


I go up on my own two feet, now, and I had a lot of friends.

Now bad luck has hit me, people, and now I'm down again.

Oh, I wonder why, why does everything happen to me?

I'm blue and I'm lonesome, people, my heart is filled with misery.


Once I had a lotta money, they say I was the greatest man.

But bad luck has hit me now, pain has got me down.

Yes, I wonder why, people, why does everything have to happen to me?

I say I'm blue and I'm lonesome, yeah, my heart is filled with misery.


OUTRO CHORDS:  Bb  F7  Eb7  Bb7  G9 [slide up to:] Bb9



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