Strangers In The Night

English Words / Original Music:

Charles Singleton & Eddie Snyder / Ivo Robic



Strangers in the night exchanging glances


Wond'ring in the night what were the chances

                                Abdim     Gm

We'd be sharing love before the night was through.



Something in your eyes was so inviting


Something in your smile was so exciting

C9                                        F

Something in my heart told me I must have you.



    Strangers in the night two lonely people


    We were strangers in the night up to the moment

            Gm                   Bbm

    When we said our first hello little did we know

    F               Dm7

    Love was just a glance away

      Gm7            C7

    A warm embracing dance away.



And ever since that night we've been together


Lovers at first sight in love forever

C7                                   Gm7  C7  F    Fdim  Gm7  C7

It turned out so right for strangers in   the night.

                                              F    Eb9  Gb7

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