St. Louis Blues

Words & Music:

W. C. (William Christopher) Handy


There is a nice, easy arrangement of this in the July 2007 issue of Acoustic Guitar.


A7             D7 [some use E7]    A    A7

I hate to see, that evening sun go down.

D7                                 A7

I hate to see, that evening sun go down.

E7             D7               A    D7  A7  D7

Since my baby, up and left this town.


Feelin' tomorrow, like I feel today.

If I'm feelin' tomorrow, like I feel today.

I'll pack my truck, and make my getaway.



Am                                E7

St. Louis woman, with her diamond rings

E7                                  Am

Pulls that man around, by her apron strings.

Am                                            E7

If it weren't for powder, or for store-bought hair,

E7                                 Am     B  E7

That man I love would, have gone nowhere, nowhere.


I got the St. Louis Blues; just as blue as I can be.

That man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea.

Or else, he wouldn't have gone so far from me.


I love my baby, like a school boy loves his pie.

Like a Kentucky colonel, loves his mint 'n rye.

I love my man, 'til the day I die.


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