San Francisco Bay Blues

Words & Music:

Jesse Fuller


Tabber unknown:

Intro: /C     /F    /C    /C7    /F    /F    /C    /C7

       /F     /F    /Crun1/A     /D    /D    /G7   /G7 run2


Run 1:  There's an easy way to play this & a better way:

Easy way:                 Better way:                   

                                                        Run 2:  Simple bass run fill:

-0--0-----]-----------------3--3--2--1-]-0--------- || -1----------]-0--------

-1--1-----]-2---------------5--5--4--3-]-2--------- || -0----------]-1--------

-0--0-----]-2---------------5--5--4--3-]-2--------- || -0----------]-0--------

-2--2-----]-2--etc...-------5--5--4--3-]-2--etc...- || -0----------]-2-etc...-

-3--3-2-1-]-0---------------3--3--2--1-]-0--------- || -2-----0--2-]-3--------

----------]-----------------3--3--2--1-]-0--------- || -3--3-------]----------


          C                          F                    C     C7

I got the blues when my baby left me by the San Francisco Bay.

               F                                  C    C7

She's taken an ocean liner and she's gone so far away.

   F                                         C          [run 1]    A7

I didn't mean to treat her so bad, she's the best girl I ever have had,

    D7                                  G7

She said, "Goodbye", gonna make me cry, I'm gonna lay down & die.


I haven't got a nickel, ain't got a lousy dime.

If she don't come back, I think I'm going to lose my mind.

If she ever gets back to stay,

There's gonna to be another brand new day,

Walking with my baby down by the San Francisco Bay.


C                                                                   C7

Sittin' down & looking through my back door, wonderin' which way to go.

F                                              C

Woman I'm so crazy 'bout, she don't want me no more.

F                    Fm             C                  A7

Think I'll take me a freight train, 'cause I'm feeling blue,

D7                                       G7

Ride all the way to the end of the line, thinkin' only of you.


    C                                         C7

Meanwhile in another city, just about to go insane,

F                                     E7

Seems like I heard my baby, Lord, the way she used to call my name.

       F                                      C                    A7

If she ever comes back to stay, there's gonna be another brand new day,

D7                        G7                   C

Walking with my baby down by the San Francisco Bay.


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