Rollin' Stone

[see also "Catfish Blues", "Still A Fool" & "Two Trains Runnin'"]

Words & Music by:

McKinley Morganfield (Muddy Waters)


There is a full transcription of this Muddy Waters version in the July 2001 issue of Guitar One.


E7                                        A7/E

Well, I wish I was a catfish, swimmin' in a whole, deep, blue sea.

A7/E             E7

I would have all you good lookin' women fishin, fishin' after me.


Sure 'nuff, a-after me.  Sure 'nuff, a-after me.


Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord.  Sure 'nuff


I went to my baby's house and I sit down oh, on her steps.

She said, "Now, come on in now Muddy, you know my husband just now left.

Sure 'nuff, he just now left. Sure 'nuff, he just now left."

Oh, Lord.  Oh, well.  Oh, well.


Well, my mother told my father yust before hmmm, I was born,

"I got a boy childs comin', he's gonna be, he gonna be a rollin' stone.

Sure 'nuff, he's a rollin stone.  Sure 'nuff, he's a rollin stone.

Oh, well, he's a...  Oh, well, he's a...  Oh, well, he's a..."


Well, I feel, yes, I feel, baby, like the low-down, oh, time ain't long.

I'm gonna catch the first thing smokin'

Back, back down the road I'm goin'.

Back down the road I'm goin'.

Back down the road I'm goin'.

Sure 'nuff back, sure 'nuff back.


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