Words & Music:

Lionel Bart


D                              E

There's a little ditty they're singin' in the city,

     A                              E          A

Especially when they've been on the gin or the beer.

D                               E

If you've got the patience your own imaginations'll

A               D          A        E  A

Tell you just exactly what you want to hear.



D                                       E

Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah, that's how it goes.

A                         D        A

Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah, ev'ryone knows.

D                                     E

They all suppose what they want to suppose

A              D       A

When they hear oom-pah-pah.


Mister Percy Snodgrass would often have the odd glass

But never when he thought anybody could see.

Secretly he'd buy it and drink it on the quiet

And dream he was an Earl with a girl on each knee.


CHORUS:  [new last lines:]

...What is the cause of his red shiny nose?  Could it be oom-pah-pah?


Pretty little Sally goes walkin' down the alley

Displays a pretty ankle to all of the men.

They could see her garters, but not for free and gratis.

An inch or two, and then she knows when to say when.


CHORUS:  [new last lines:]

...Whether it's hidden, or whether it shows, it's the same, oom-pah-pah.


She was from the country, but now she's up a gum-tree.

She let a feller feed 'er, and lead 'er along.

What's the use o' cryin', she's made a bed to lie in.

She's glad to bring a coin in, and join in this song.


CHORUS:  [new last lines:]

...She is no longer the same blushin' rose, ever since oom-pah-pah.




CHORUS:  [new last lines:]

...They all suppose what they want to suppose when they hear oom-pah-pah


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