Once Is Enough

Words & Music:

Lyle Lovett


Listen to the recording for the marriage of words & chords.  Lyle (rightly) takes great liberties with the vocal line, so it does not line up perfectly with what is given below.  I have just approximated how the words fit.  The guitar, however, plays a steady jazz swing with (usually) two beats per chord.  Thus, each line of this song takes two measures of four beats each (encompassing 4 chords per line).  That much, is a given.


INTRO:  [on recording, this is a capella]

A         G7dim         F#7dim   F7dim

I used to be so much more open-minded.

A        G7dim        F#7dim  E

And I used to like to fall in love

A               G7dim           F#7         F7dim

And they tell me, I was so much sweeter and kind.


[on recording, guitar enters here]

A   E(4)       A  E(0)

But once is enough.


VERSE:  [on recording, it sounds like chords are the same as intro instead of the ones given here.  There are a lot more 6ths, 7ths & 9ths.  Play around with what sounds right for your own version.  I'll play around with them and post an updated version soon.]

A              A/C#     D     E

Yeah, I used to be Mr. Understanding.

A           A/C#       A/C      A/B

I used to listen and not interrupt.

A              A/C#      D               E

But, now, I'm a different man from that man, then

A      E          A  E

'Cause once is enough



D7      A          D7  E7    D7      A         D7(can sub Db7)  E7  [can sub Fdim7 too]

Once is enough for anybody.  Once is enough to fall--------- in love.

D7      A         D7        E7          A    E  A

Once is enough to feel your heartbeat.  Once is enough


And, yeah, I used to be able to handle rejection.

I used to be so long, lean and tough.

And I used to would fight for a woman's affection.

But once is enough.


INSTRUMENTAL 3/4 VERSE:  [if anyone tabs this tasty solo, please send it to me to post!]

Once is enough!




So, baby, you don't have to tell me two times.

You can save your sweet breath because

I saw the way you looked away from my eyes.

And once is enough.



But a man, he can't help but learn his lesson.

But a man, he can't help the stars above.

And a man can't help but go around messing

With once is enough.




So, if you see me down by the byway,

Won't you tell me you'll do me this much?

Take your head just one time and turn it my way

'Cause once is enough.


CHORUS:  [repeat last line 2x]


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