My Melancholy Blues

Words & Music:

Freddie Mercury (Queen)



Cm                       Gm

Another party's over and I'm left cold sober.

F#dim        Fm7          Edim

Baby left me for somebody new.

Fm                             Abm

I don't want to talk about it, want to forget about it.

        Eb/G           Fm7               Bb7

Want to be intoxicated with that special brew.



             Eb      G7     Ab          Abm

So, come and get me, let me get in that sinking feeling

Eb           F#dim                   Fm7

That says my heart is on an all-time low.

Bb7         Eb           G7

So, don't expect me to behave perfectly

Ab            Abm          Eb/G        F#dim        Fm7

And wear that sunny smile; my guess is I'm in for a cloudy and overcast.

F#dim                             Eb/G             Edim       Fm Fm(add #7) Fm7

Don't try and stop me, 'cause I'm heading for that stormy weather soon.



Ab                           Abm

I'm causing a mild sensation with this new occupation.

Eb/G            Cm    Gm                    Cm

I'm permanently glued to this extraordinary mood

              Fm7               F#dim         Fm7 F#dim   Ab7  Bb7    Eb

So, now, move over; let me take over, with my melanchol----y-- blues.




CHORUS:  [new lyrics below]

I'm causing a mild sensation with this new occupation.

I'm in the news, I'm just getting used to my new exposure.

So, come into my enclosure and meet my melancholy blues.


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