My Funny Valentine

Words & Music:

Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart


Anyone know the chords to the verse of this song?  Johnny Mathis & Ella Fitzgerald both sing it on their covers.


Behold the way our fine feathered-friend his virtue doth parade.

Thou knowest not, my dim witted friend, the picture Thou hast made.

Thy vacant brow and thy tousled hair conceal Thy good intent.

Thou, noble upright, truthful, sincere and slightly dopey gent,- you are...



Am       Am(M7)     Am7         Am6

My funny Valentine, Sweet comic Valentine,

FM7         Dm7           Bm7b5   E7b9

You make me smile with my heart.


Your looks are laughable. unphotographable.

FM7           Dm7              Bm7b5[4 beats] Fm6[2 beats] G6[2 beats]

Yet you’re my favorite work of art.


        CM7   Dm7           Em7   Dm7

Is your figure    less than Greek---?

        CM7     Dm7    Em7   Dm7

Is your mouth a little weak-------?

         CM7  Dm7   Am7    Gm7  F#7

When you open it to speak------------,

        FM7     Bm7b5  E7b9

Are you smart?


But, don't change a hair for me, not if you care for me.

FM7         Bm7b5  E7b9         Am   Gm7   B7(no 5)

Stay little Valentine---------, stay!

FM7         Dm7  G7     C6

Each day is Valentine's Day.


Am bits = “Stairway To Heaven” on inner strings, A string=x

Bm7b5 = x 2 3 2 3 x [B D F A]

B7(no 5) = x 2 1 2 0 x [B D# A B]

E7b9 = 0 2 0 1 0 1 [E G# B D F]

Fm6 = x x 0 1 1 1 [F Ab C D]

G7b9 = 0 2 0 1 0 1 or x x 2 1 3 1 [G B D F Ab]

G7b9#11 = 0 2 0 1 2 1 [G B D F Ab C#]

G6 = 3 x 0 0 0 0              CM7 = x 3 2 4 x x

Dm7 = x 5 3 5 x x             Em7 = x 7 5 7 x x

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