Words & Music:

Procol Harum


Anyone have the chords to this music-hall new classic?


Don't eat green meat, it ain't good for you.

You know it killed your brother, killed your sister, too.

Even fresh fried chicken on new-mown sand

Can't beat red beans eaten outa your hand.



Oh Mabel, Mabel! You know I love you, gal, but I'm not able.

Mabel, oh Mabel, please get off the kitchen table.


Don't slice no onions, don't peel no grape.

Dream about banana slice nor sniff around shortcake.

And if on a winter's day you find your sundial's wrong.

You'll know the weather is what's brought it on.




Put the peas in the pot, put the pot on the hot.

In the cellar lies my wife, in my wife there's a knife.

So, tote that hammer, lift that pick,

And banish inhibition with a pogo stick.




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